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A Course In Miracles Book: The Call To The Unlimited

January 28, 2012

NEW ACIM Book: “The Call To The Unlimited – 2012 Essays For The Salvation Of The world” is available at

These essays with their manifold topics are all part of the greater conversion in His Mind, the Mind of Jesus Christ, looking at the singular meaning given by the awakened Mind in relation to ideas raised in the science communities, religious establishments, philosophical discussion forums, addiction related recovery groups, health and wellness propagating organizations, esoteric circles, “end-scenario” prophets and “Course in Miracles” study and discussion groups. All of them have in common that they show interest for a real solution to the problem of the human condition in separation with its true Source. Most of them are interested in a change of mind and a possible or necessary experience beyond postulated concepts, an Experience of oneness of Mind, God. ~ Devavan

The Call To The Unlimited

This is a call to awaken from outside of time and space! You might be astonished, blown away, in love, happy and full of light and joy by reading this. Thanks to the author for receiving and giving this message, coming from his personal experience and understanding and yet so universally true. It’s great, great, great and I love it! ~ Doris

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Also available on Kindle for $9.99.