A Course In Miracles Film Festival – Barcelona, Spain

June 10, 2009

A Course In Miracles Film Festival in Barcelona
July 3,4,5 2009 at the
Hotel Diagonal Zero
Placa de Llevant, s/n

We Meet At Last Together At The End Of This Space Time Episode… Our solutions at this event will be particularly focused and directed to a celebration of this time and place where the miraculous event will occur. Come and experience with Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles, an inevitable decision of discovering our journey without distance in the space of an instant.

An exit portal from this infinitely small maze of space and time has been opened. Remember, time lasted but an instant in your mind, with no effect upon eternity. And so is all time past, and everything exactly as it was before the way to nothingness was made. The tiny tick of time in which the first mistake was made, and all of them within that one mistake, held also the Correction for that one, and all of them that came within the first. And in that tiny instant time was gone, for that was all it ever was. What God gave answer to is answered and is gone.

For more information about this event visit: A Course In Miracles Film Festival


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