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$12.98 – Buy Hardcover Pocket Edition of A Course In Miracles Book – Best Price!

January 31, 2008

Amazon now has A Course In Miracles book for $12.98. This is the new hardcover POCKET EDITION published by A Course In Miracles International. Spread the word…

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The Forgotten Song – ACIM eCard

January 28, 2008

New eCard inspired forgotten-song1.jpgby A Course In Miracles


A Course In Miracles Paltalk Radio on Podbean

January 25, 2008

The Miracle Times has just partnered with ACIM Gather to broadcast A Course In Miracles Paltalk. ACIM Gather hosted by David Fishman offers a 24 hour teaching service online through Paltalk. The Miracles Healing Center Paltalk Archives are now available as a podcast. For you the listener this means you can either participate in the live Paltalk classes OR listen to the classes at a later date.

You can now preview a number of the ACIM Paltalk Classes on our all NEW site up on PODBEAN: A Course In Miracles Satellite Radio

The 24/7 broadcast from ACIM Gather AND the Paltalk Podcast (archived classes) are now available on our ACIM Radio on our Toolbar. Listen to the shows directly from your browser on our own ACIM Radio which also includes Master Teacher audios, ACIM Daily Lesson Podcast, ACIM Daily Text Podcast, ACIMI online Advents and Miracle Podcast – our own ACIM inspired music.)

To participate in the classes you will; need to visit Paltalk and download the free software and get yourself a microphone if you don’t have one. See instructions on the our ACIM Paltalk Page.


A Course In Miracles Satellite on Google

January 20, 2008


If you have a Google Homepage you can now add our Course In Miracles Satellite as a TAB. This page includes all our RSS Feeds, Podcasts and Blogs…Receive all BUZZ on a daily basis!! Preview and download the page..


Thou Shalt Not Kill

January 8, 2008


Robert Carter sent me his blog post this morning and it really moved me. Its as close to the truth as I have heard anyone express A Course In Miracles

I’ve been thinking about this one item from the ten commandments – “Thou shalt not kill”.
What is really meant by that?
Does this imply that to squash a bug is no different than to squash a human being?
If it is only referencing human beings, then we have two versions of “killing”, one for bugs and for human beings.
And after all, don’t we “kill” fish and fowl and animals for food?
Then “killing” isn’t really what is meant by this commandment, is it?
Would it then refer to “murder”?
But what is murder? Is it only the killing of another human being?
Does that mean we don’t murder fish or bugs?

Read the rest of John’s Article Thou Shalt Not Kill



The Daily Miracles Show – Draw Your Circle

January 1, 2008

The Daily Miracles Show
Happy New Year!
Beginning January 1st – The Daily Miracles Show (TODAY!)
A Course In Miracles Radio Features a LIVE Podcast of the daily lesson from A Course In Miracles with Lisa Natoli (author of Gorgeous For God). Plus ACIM Daily Text Readings by Stephen Calder, ACIM teaching with the Master Teacher and ACIM inspired music.

Listen to Lisa’s Introduction to “Draw Your Circle“.
Thanks Marianne Williamson for kicking of fthe New Year!
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